Managed IT Services

Offload your IT operations to ISM.

Let us assume an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and problem resolution for the IT systems within your business.

By adopting our Managed Services offering we can on a proactive basis monitor your IT environment thereby improving operations and cut expenses.

IT as a service, also known as managed IT services, is a model in which businesses hire a third party to oversee and manage all of their IT needs.

ISM provides tailor made Managed Services packages for Cloud only, Hybrid Cloud and On-Premises solutions. Our packages cover monitoring and support for devices, network equipment, backups and security.

There are several pricing models to choose from:

  • All-You-Can-Eat Pricing: Provides the most comprehensive service model and includes remote support, on-site support, as well as lab or bench time – all for a flat fee per month.
  • Value-Based Pricing: Provides IT services for all components of a business. Value-based pricing, essentially establishes ISM as your outsourced IT department. It is typically a flat-fee model for monitoring and licensing + billable hours for support.
  • Per-Device Pricing: Provides monitoring services for specific devices, including desktop systems and mobile devices. Customers are billed a flat fee for each device added to the plan. While the model offers flexibility and predictability, it does not give customers a full picture of network health.
  • Per-User Pricing: Similar to the per-device pricing model, but the pricing covers individuals rather than devices. This model would cover all IT needs for each employee and all the devices they use. This model works well for businesses, especially for employees with multiple devices.
  • Monitoring-Only Pricing: Provides network monitoring and alerting services by ISM and usually only involves alerting customers of issues, but not mitigation of issues that may arise. These usually work with companies that have in-house IT departments that don’t have the tools needed to monitor the network.