IT Infrastructure

We design custom solutions based on your current requirements and future growth forecasts.

By partnering with us we can maximize productivity whilst’s optimizing return on investment.


ISM has years of experience in designing Server solutions to ensure the optimal performance of your specific workloads.

As these machines are at the hart of ensuring the optimal productivity off business users it is vital to match the correct hardware to your software requirements.

Our solutions are designed around workloads that run on Windows Server.

Keeping your data always accessible while being safe and secure.

Data Storage

Dependency on data is increasing, and data growth is accelerating, but the threat and risk of data loss is growing in both variety and volume. Intelligent, self-managing solutions can help you deliver fast and reliable access to data, regardless of the size or data storage requirements of your organization.

We can solve your unique data storage challenges by providing both physical data storage and cloud data storage solutions.


A well-designed network is a successful network.

Network design underlies the performance of your IP network. Evaluating, understanding and scoping the network to be implemented is critical for any successful installation .

Whether you require Cabling or Wifi coverage, ISM has a team off dedicated Network installers that can have you connected.